Final edits to the publisher

Well, I sent the final edits (final as in I hope these are the last) off to the publisher today after spending the weekend working through the intricacies of the timeline, what events caused later events (and making sure they are in the right order) and making sure that no plot secrets are given away by events being mentioned too early.

This whole publishing business is like a lamp glowing in the belly. It just sits there day to day, glowing away, and every now and then it whispers, “You’re going to be published soon.” I can’t even begin to describe how exciting that is. It compares with the first girlfriend, getting that job or promotion, getting married or going on a long-awaited holiday.

Long-awaited. How many years have I been waiting for this? Since I knew that publication was possible, I suppose. A long time.

But now it’s here.

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