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A shoutout for Davo

I am SOOO delighted that a dear friend and writer, David J Fortier, has had one of his stories published in this book, so if you are in the States or Canada, delay not in purchasing a copy.

Photo: Okay, I'll stop after this pile. Lol. #ClockworkUniverse #Steampunk vs #Aliens. Trade Paperbacks, available on, and hopefully soon @mcnallyrobinson, #ChaptersIndigo, and your local bookseller.

#ClockworkUniverse #Steampunk vs #Aliens. Trade Paperbacks, available on, and hopefully soon @mcnallyrobinson, #ChaptersIndigo, and your local bookseller.

Will people like / understand it?

I suppose this is a question that many writers face all the time. Writing is a curious pastime in that the contents of a writers brain, heart and imagination are not kept private as they would be with reading, watching movies, collecting things, travelling. A writer makes a conscious decision to take characters, stories, images, ideas and messages and deliberately share them with the world, or whichever readers in the world will decide to buy the book and read it.

And that is the strange contract a writer makes: here is my heart, mind and soul; will you like it? More importantly, will you understand it?

Nine Planets is a curious book in that it’s not really my story. I’m just the teller. Even so, I still face the same question. I don’t really mind if you don’t like it. I DO want you, though, to understand it.

77 days to go.


The man in the picture

For those wondering about the significance of the picture at the top of the page, it’s a dear friend of mine, a man who has been battling a brain injury for some years and improving all the time. While going through group rehab, others in the class were asked their goals. Remember here that my friend and others were experiencing terrible difficulties in basic bodily movements, coordination and physical control and were unable to do many things without help. As a result, many listed goals like being able to dress themselves unassisted.

My friend? He didn’t bother with basic things. He announced that he was going to run a distance of about 40km in the South Island of New Zealand.

That’s him on the right.

Never tell me that the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. Go Phil, you will always be my hero.

Nine Planets teaser

I’ve read the opening pages of Nine Planets SOOOOOOOOOOOO many times that it’s quite a surprise to realise that no-almost one else has. So, to ease my embarrassment, I’ve put up the first five pages of the novel (which should, by Noah Lukeman and other famous agents’ great wisdom) entice you to read more) for your reading and delectation. Just wander up there to the top and you’ll see the menu item. If you want more, you’ll have to go online to the Kindle Store on Amazon, type in Nine Planets and pre-order. Yes, that was shameless self-promotion there.


Genre? Who needs a genre? When I tell people I’ve written a novel coming out soon, I’m often asked, “What’s it about? What kind of book is it?”

There’s the thing. It really defies any attempt at classification. Is it a thriller? Science fiction? Fantasy? Speculative fiction? Disaster fiction? Re-imagined history? Supernatural? All of the above in part, but none in full.

I’m reminded of the old Paul Simon song off Graceland where the lyrics go, “These are the days of miracle and wonder” and that possibly describes it best. It’s the kind of novel that shows many-genred faces of the same theme, and sometimes when I read it, I think, “Who wrote this?”

83 days to go.