Will people like / understand it?

I suppose this is a question that many writers face all the time. Writing is a curious pastime in that the contents of a writers brain, heart and imagination are not kept private as they would be with reading, watching movies, collecting things, travelling. A writer makes a conscious decision to take characters, stories, images, ideas and messages and deliberately share them with the world, or whichever readers in the world will decide to buy the book and read it.

And that is the strange contract a writer makes: here is my heart, mind and soul; will you like it? More importantly, will you understand it?

Nine Planets is a curious book in that it’s not really my story. I’m just the teller. Even so, I still face the same question. I don’t really mind if you don’t like it. I DO want you, though, to understand it.

77 days to go.


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