Monthly Archives: October 2014

Radio Interview (ii)

I’ve just had word from the interviewer at Starburst Magazine, the world’s longest running magazine for cult entertainment (as their masthead reads), that he is going to interview me tomorrow night, a 20 minute interview edited down to ten to podcast on their website and tweeted out to their many followers. The last interview I did was with a local newspaper and the questions were emailed out in advance. This one, however, is going to be the interviewer asking and me answering in real time, and also in the early hours of the morning (he is in London and the interview will be in the London evening).

I’ve no idea what the questions are going to be, but it will be fun. Sleep can wait.

Radio Interview!

Since the Publishers Weekly review, I have had requests for two interviews. Only minutes after my clever wife was wondering aloud this evening about publicity in the UK, I got an email from the publisher with a request for an interview with a UK radio station!!!! I’ll have to be up at about 3AM to do it, but that’s a small price.


Publishers Weekly review

I’ve been hoping for months now for a pre-publication review, hardly daring to believe that anyone would read Nine Planets with the same feeling I have for it.

However, I just got an email from the publisher with this, and despite the late hour, I can’t sleep. Not only is it from Publishers Weekly, but it’s GOOD! I thought getting Nine Planets published would be a pinnacle, but it was just a foothill compared to this.


First newspaper article

I’m in a newspaper. It’s quite an odd – no, actually, it’s a wondrous and baffling and exceedingly strange – thing to be looking at a picture of myself with the computer open in front of me and the Nine Planets artwork on the screen. But there it is. The article is mainly the text I sent to the journalist, but there is also an excerpt from the book as well.

Southern Gazette (for Perth readers), September 30 edition, page 17. *laughs happily*