Monthly Archives: February 2015

First library appearance

While it may not rival a JK Rowling reading, this will be my first public appearance, so it’s rather exciting! It will be at 6.30, on May 14 at South Perth Library, with wine and cheese starting at 6.15.

I would be delighted to see you there if you are in the area. After a reading, some Q and A, there will be books available for sale and signing.

Can’t. WAIT. 🙂

Library appearance

I just had an email from an events coordinator at a local library who invited me to a guest appearance in the next month or so to talk about Nine Planets. Following a brief introduction, the library website proclaims, the author speaks about [his] text, reads excerpts and answers questions from the audience pertaining to the text, writing experience and research [he] has conducted. The evening concludes with book sales and signing. I also get wine and cheese!

I’m rather chuffed! Books, (a little) wine, cheese and talking about books, particularly mine, sounds like a particularly fine way to spend an evening. I’ll let you know when it is if you want to come along.

Maybe the West!

I’ve been away for a long time, I’m sorry, with work, some new projects, a little bit of holiday and other things. However, I haven’t forgotten Nine Planets, even though I haven’t said anything about it. People are still buying it and enjoying it too (!), so I’m of the opinion that it’s going to be a slow burn rather than a sudden quick flame.

Here’s the latest. I gave a copy to a reviewer on a (reasonably) large Australian newspaper some weeks ago and he promised to read it and possibly write a review in his paper if he thought it was good enough. That sort of publicity is absolute gold so I was delighted. Then he went quiet for some weeks, the sort of delay that makes you think, Hmmmm. He doesn’t like it and is just letting it fade quietly away.

Until last night, that is, when he emailed me to say that he had skimmed through the book and decided that it was, and I quote “Definitely review-worthy! Watch this space.”

I’m taking that as a confirmation that he will review it *beams* As he said . . .

Watch this space.