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Nine Planets teaser

I’ve read the opening pages of Nine Planets SOOOOOOOOOOOO many times that it’s quite a surprise to realise that no-almost one else has. So, to ease my embarrassment, I’ve put up the first five pages of the novel (which should, by Noah Lukeman and other famous agents’ great wisdom) entice you to read more) for your reading and delectation. Just wander up there to the top and you’ll see the menu item. If you want more, you’ll have to go online to the Kindle Store on Amazon, type in Nine Planets and pre-order. Yes, that was shameless self-promotion there.


Genre? Who needs a genre? When I tell people I’ve written a novel coming out soon, I’m often asked, “What’s it about? What kind of book is it?”

There’s the thing. It really defies any attempt at classification. Is it a thriller? Science fiction? Fantasy? Speculative fiction? Disaster fiction? Re-imagined history? Supernatural? All of the above in part, but none in full.

I’m reminded of the old Paul Simon song off Graceland where the lyrics go, “These are the days of miracle and wonder” and that possibly describes it best. It’s the kind of novel that shows many-genred faces of the same theme, and sometimes when I read it, I think, “Who wrote this?”

83 days to go.

Radio and newspaper

After so many years of reading newspaper book reviews and hearing authors interviewed on radio, I called a bunch of radio and newspapers today and sent out some introductory publicity material. Some sounded positive and some less so, and one producer said, “That’s the best 30 second pitch I’ve heard all week!” (Given that today is Tuesday wasn’t reassuring, but I’ll take it.) Let’s now see what they say.

Amazon author site!

Chatting with a Caribbean writing buddy, I heard of the Amazon Author Central site, where authors can add details about their books, check sales and rankings.

Hmmms. Rankings. Currently, I rank #137,649 out of over one million books. Not that I’m reading anything into this since the book has only been available on pre-order for three days, but top 10% isn’t too bad.

Going out naked in public

No, not really. But that’s how it feels as Nine Planets gets ready to meet the public. Now my deepest thoughts about the Nine Planets story, all my secret plot broodings and machinations will be available for anyone to read and like, or read and not like. Will people understand it? Will they put together all the pieces and get what I want to say? Don’t know. Hope so.

The marketing starts

Today, the first promotional flyers got into the hands of the public. I had spent some time making my own flyer incorporating the cover art and author photo and bio with a brief blurb of the book, so I then printed out a bunch of copies and started giving them out to people: shop owners, students, colleagues. Since quite a few had no idea I had written a book, there was a fair bit of surprise. “Where on earth did you find time to write it?”

I also started calling local bookshops to organise some book signings, and that looks to be an exciting adventure as well.

Final edits to the publisher

Well, I sent the final edits (final as in I hope these are the last) off to the publisher today after spending the weekend working through the intricacies of the timeline, what events caused later events (and making sure they are in the right order) and making sure that no plot secrets are given away by events being mentioned too early.

This whole publishing business is like a lamp glowing in the belly. It just sits there day to day, glowing away, and every now and then it whispers, “You’re going to be published soon.” I can’t even begin to describe how exciting that is. It compares with the first girlfriend, getting that job or promotion, getting married or going on a long-awaited holiday.

Long-awaited. How many years have I been waiting for this? Since I knew that publication was possible, I suppose. A long time.

But now it’s here.