Check out this review of Nine Planets

Here is a review by Elizabeth:


Starburst Bookworm interview

Several weeks ago, I was asked to do a skype interview with Ed Fortune from in London. Ed made contact at 2AM and we talked about books, Australian fiction, the inspiration for Nine Planets, and some either/ors. I hope I don’t sound too garbled but it was 2AM.

My bit starts at about 19.45.

Here it is!

I made sure my family was all there, that there were cameras ready and that phones were on silent. Then I opened the box, took out the book and held it in my hands. Apart from the lovely weight of the thing in my hands and the smell of the paper and ink, it was quite surreal to be holding the book that I had written as though it were just a novel that I had bought at a shop.

I grinned a lot, called people close to me and shared the moment, sat and read pages of it, took pictures and put one on facebook.

A lovely day. A long time coming, but well worth it. PGFWABF.


SF Crowsnest review and launch day!

This just came up on the SF Crowsnest site, a science fiction site that has ‘Everything that’s good for geeks and nice for nerds’.

I’m really pleased how Kelly Jensen mentioned a fair few of the key points of the novel without giving away the secret.

And today is launch day! If you would like to read something a most unusual and miraculous thriller over Christmas, take thyself to Amazon and purchase away because now you can.


Nine Planets is such an unusual book that I have always understood that some readers will not get it and, as a result, write negative reviews. Hopefully, they will be relatively few. Since the book has not yet hit the shelves, there have only been three reviews, and the most negative was a reader on Goodreads who dubbed it an ‘odd thriller,’ which I’ll take since he rated it well. Last night, though, I received a soon-to-be posted and rather delightful review, which seems that someone else understood it. I’m still waiting on those negative reviews, but at the moment, this is one happy author.

Starburst interview

Feeling rather bleary and unintelligent at 2AM, I was glad that Ed Fortune asked for me to turn skype video off for our late night interview on Starburst Bookworm. After I persuaded my computer microphone to work, he asked me a bunch of questions about inspiration, Aussie literature, future projects, a genre for Nine Planets and a bunch of either/ors: space or the ocean, truth or beauty etc. I hope I answered everything well, given the time, although for the Simpsons/Futurama either/or, I don’t think he expected that I had never seen either. “Blimey!” he said.

Anyway, in 2/3 weeks, when it goes to podcast, we’ll see how much sense I made.

Thanks, Ed, for your patience!

Starburst Bookworm interview

In about 9 hours from now, at about 2AM and while the sane world is sleeping, this author will be rubbing the blear from his eyes and peering through the long miles of skypeness at Mr Ed Fortune, interviewer at Starburst Bookworm (over here at who will be sitting in London and asking me about Nine Planets. I have no idea what his questions will be, which will be a good thing. Actually. I’m rather excited.

Hopefully, I’ll get the link to the podcast so you can listen to it later.