Some readers get it!

I just got an email from a reader who GOT IT. !!!! She got to the end, twigged as to what was happening and then read back and spotted some of the clues in a delighted excited rush. She knows who she is so I won’t mention her by name, but I’m SOOO delighted. Nine Planets is just a thriller in disguise waiting for keen attentive readers to look beneath the disguise to see the hidden story.

Read it. I dare you.

1 thought on “Some readers get it!

  1. Gavin

    ‎Nine Planets‬ by ‪‎Greg Byrne is an unusual type of sci-fi story, jumping and slipping in time as the mysterious “brotherhood of poor men” seek to stay ahead of the evil “Cabal” and complete their task of bringing hope. The hero does not know who he is and cannot remember something he knows is important. In his confusion, he struggles to determine who he can trust and if he can trust himself. While people all around the world are losing hope and taking their own lives, the clock is ticking towards universal doom!

    I found the story a bit slow to get going. Perhaps it was the breeze in the trees at the beach. Or perhaps it takes a few pages to understand timeslip. But once I got going I was very keen to keep reading.

    (And I got it, Greg! Disclosure – Greg was my uni tutor last year.)



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